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History of Kams

Well we can hear you now. Who in the heck is Kams? Glad you asked! Kris

and Mendy's. That's where our name came from. And yes we are the new

kids on the block. We sell the items listed in our little brochure plus more.

From time to time we get in special items that are a one time a deal, till they're

gone. We also special order items that you may need.

We make as much as we can in our garage and basement. We're just regular

folks like you. I've been a business owner before but fishing and the outdoors

have become a huge part of my life and our family. From Cub Scouts to Boy

Scouts to family outdoor fun!

Our "Hookey" lure is not your everyday blade lure as the picture appears in

our brochure. We dress it up with a long dressed rear treble hook. I say long

because for my personal use I trim it back some. It is left long so the end user

decides the length for it to be used at. Also this lure can be used in two

different ways. Vertical jigging for walleye off your boat or bank fishing for

bass retrieve like jerk bait.

Future plans are to hand pour plastic baits with and without scents in them.

In the outdoors part of the business we will be aiming at items for the fur

trapper. Then after that the sky is the limit!

Made in America

 At Kams Fishing Lures & Outdoors we make our products right here in the Good Ole U.S.A.! We will tell you the truth, some of the parts and components used are imported. This is either due to cost or no one else in the states makes it. We do try to buy American whenever we can! We want to support our fellow Americans and their jobs as we hope you do the same. So just remember when you see a Kams Fishing Lures & Outdoors label with product inside, it's made by a Ma & Pa shop with the help of all 8 kids when they can! Just like back in the day.

When you purchase our products we hope you feel the same pride in owning it as we did in building it for you!

You are also helping a fellow American family survive these trying times we are in.

Thank You

Kris and Mendy Hoogstraat


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