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The Walleye Getter

Add your night crawler to the Mustad Slow Death hook on the back. The rotation of the crawler and the thump from the Colorado blade tell them Walleye Dinner time!!

Buy One Today! And you'll be the "Getter" of Dinner!


"Hookey" Lures

1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, &3/4oz.

Economy Hookey Lures are Gold with plain hooks. (Standard blade lure style) "Hookey" Lures have a dressed rear hook, Natural hair or synthetic material.

Economy Hookey Lures


The Double Dutch Rudder Muskie Lure

"The Double Dutch Rudder" was designed and built by Kams Fishing Lures & Outdoors. As far as we know it is the only Muskie lure on the market with 4 spinning blades! The willow blades are less likely to snag in vegetation and with the hammered finish reflect more light. With the Big Magnum rattle lots of noise and the added tensor on the first hook for more noise. The 7/0 hooks are big for that big fish. The dressing on the back hook is the largest dressing out there today!  Many lures made today have very little dressing. But not at Kams Fishing Lures & Outdoors! With it being dressed in feather verses hair or all synthetic materials, it stays much larger and bushier in the water as well. Also remember with Willow blades its a little easier to reel back in. So you will last all day on the water!

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Bait Shop owners, we sell direct to you at wholesale prices! We work very well with all the shops we service, listening to you as to what your customer base wants and needs. When your shop becomes a dealer of our products we will gladly add your web address to our bait shop link page. To contact us about this please Click Here.

Kams Fishing Lures and Outdoors


The Tail Spin Lure

The Glowing Double Dutch Rudder Muskie Lure


The Dutch Rudder

"The Dutch Rudder" is the smaller version we created for you Muskie fisherman. Same 7/0 hook With that feather dressed hook! Two #5 willows spinning up front and that Big Magnum rattle. We did change the body style since these photos. Now its a 3/4 oz body in a variety of colors including Glow White and Glow Green!



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If you do not see what you need listed, PLEASE call us. We may have added new products since this printing. We will also do special orders!

At Kams Fishing Lures & Outdoors we are outdoors sportsmen just like you and your customers. We will accept all orders large and small. Working with other small businesses, we understand how helpful it can be to get small orders at a competitive price.


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